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Is New Roof Tax Deductible: A Comprehensive Guide

An individual wearing a hard hat stands in front of a house, holding a blueprint. The image implies construction and planning, with a mention of a tax deduction for a new roof.

New roofs can be tax-deductible if they constitute what the IRS calls a capital improvement and are commercial or rental property. In other words, the roof replacement or repair should expand its lifespan and/or increase curb appeal.  Of course, there are other reasons to upgrade. An old roof poses many dangers, from a lack of […]

How a New Roof Can Increase the Value of Your Home

new roof

When you were a child, did you build your own toy houses, using anything lying around? The ultimate moment of triumph always came when you finished the home and topped it off with the perfect roof. Perfect, that is until it fell off and you needed to attach a new roof to your masterpiece. Fast […]