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How a New Roof Can Increase the Value of Your Home

When you were a child, did you build your own toy houses, using anything lying around? The ultimate moment of triumph always came when you finished the home and topped it off with the perfect roof. Perfect, that is until it fell off and you needed to attach a new roof to your masterpiece.

Fast forward to any time in your life when you moved house or bought a new home. The chances are that while you expected your new home would have a perfectly good roof, you never actually checked. And yet, just like with your childhood toy house, no house is complete without the perfect roof.  

It is probably the home maintenance task that we think of the least because we rarely look at the roof. But just because our roof is out of sight, it doesn’t follow that it should also be out of mind. On the contrary, making sure the roof of our home does its job should be one of our highest priorities.

If you are concerned about your roof, reach out to Paramount Exteriors today. We have the experience you need and the customer service you deserve.

new roof

Why Your Roof is Important

Think of all that work the roof does, and think of how little attention it gets in return. It shelters us from rain, hail, snow, and flying/falling objects. We don’t bake in the midday sun, nor are we disturbed by the moon when we want to sleep.  

More than any part of the home, the roof protects not just those it shelters, but also our possessions. Think about sitting in your favorite chair, or working at your computer, or even lying in bed. Who wants any of those things getting damp, thanks to being situated under the leak in the roof?  

And yet, when it comes to investing in a new roof, we often balk at the thought of doing so. We look for alternatives, like patching, to get rid of the hole, the damp, or the leaks. But even the handiest of handy people can’t keep a roof going forever. 

Closing our eyes to the problems in our roof is definitely not something a prudent homeowner should consider. Out of sight, out of mind, is not a mantra to follow if you want to maintain your home’s interior. And once the damage starts in the roof, it spreads, and exponentially so.

A small leak this week can result in hundreds of dollars in damages next month. Fixing the leak will work for a while, but at best, it’s a stopgap. Be practical and plan for your new roof, so you are ready for when maintenance is no longer enough. 

new roof 

Why You Should Invest in a New Roof

For starters, as mentioned, no roof lasts forever, and that’s hardly surprising, giving the job it does. Even the most durable materials will wear out eventually, with experts recommending that roofs need replacing after 15-20 years. So while it is a significant home renovation cost, it is both necessary and something that you can plan for.

Check your roof warranty. All of them have a lifespan, and it varies depending on each roof.

Then there are the costs that you have to pay if you invest in a new roof. These costs include not having to fork out extra to replace those items damaged when the old roof leaked. Your insurance company will nod their head when they hear you have invested in a sensible home maintenance project.

What about the non-monetary benefits of a new roof, like safety, and your peace of mind? Remember the last violent storm you sat through, safe, and protected in your dry, solid home? Now think of how scary that storm would have been had you not had 100% certainty of your roof’s integrity. 

And the bottom line is that the costs that you will incur for a new roof are recoverable when you sell. No, you can’t unpack your roof and take it with you to your new home. But you can likely add the cost of that replacement roof to your selling price.

Why a New Roof is a Wise Investment

When you sell your home, the buyer is within their rights to ask for a building inspection. If they do so, and there is a fault with the roof, the inspector will include that in the report. And so straight away, your purchaser has something they can use to bargain the price down.

If the foundations of a house are sound, that’s a pointer about the soundness of the rest of the building. You can extend that same philosophy when using the quality of the roof as a measurement. Owners who look after the roof will probably exercise that same care when it comes to other home maintenance issues. 

We can’t always see what the roof looks like unless we climb up and take a look. However, when they are visible, a quality roof adds style and panache to the home’s appearance. Just as importantly, no one will pay top dollar for a home where there is visible roof damage.

If you are selling a home with a recently installed new roof, make sure your purchaser is aware of this. Give them the chance to buy a home that will require little roof maintenance for years. This may encourage them to meet your asking price, allowing you to recoup your investment. 

Special features or materials you can use for your roof can add to your home’s environmental appeal. If you have decided to install solar panels, for example, these are a great way to save on heating costs.  Energy-saving cool roof shingles go a step further, by saving on cooling costs as well as heating costs.  

new roof

Don’t Forget the Basics!

When you invest in a new roof, make sure that you spend your money wisely by employing professionals. When you commit to this vital home improvement, don’t waste your money on substandard products or quality. Talk to Paramount Exteriors for any of your new roofing queries, and get professional advice from our experts. 


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