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Mitchell, SD is a small town with a rich history. The residents of this fantastic place know that what Mitchell lacks in size, it more than makes up for in character. While the weather might not always cooperate, living in Mitchell has its perks. People come from miles around to check out the infamous Corn Palace. Who wouldn’t want to gaze upon this unique and fascinating attraction?

Unfortunately, the weather sometimes leaves much to be desired. Between harsh winters and scorching summers, your home takes a beating. Your roof bears the brunt of the damage. With roof damage comes potentially high repair costs. Don’t let roof damage go untreated.

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Roofing in Mitchell, SD

Mitchell, SD is home to some of the most extraordinary people in the state. The community is nothing short of amazing. However, in any older town, there are old roofs. Old roofs need attention. Even if your home is new, the weather throughout the year makes sure your home knows it’s in the Midwest. South Dakota, along with our neighboring states, knows full well that to appreciate the good weather when it comes, we have to weather the bad.

From sweltering hot summers to frigidly cold winters, weather can be extreme here. In the winter, snow and ice can build up on your roof. This added weight, along with moisture, is incredibly dangerous for your home. Left unchecked, this damage can build and bring exorbitant repair costs with it. April showers bring May flowers, or so they say.

However, we all know there are more than showers in the spring. Hail, wind, and storms batter homes and bring their own dangers and harm to your home.

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Does Your Roof Need Attention?

No matter how old your home is, your roof might need attention. Not all damage is apparent. Sometimes it’s the hidden and unnoticed damage that can be the most expensive. A free inspection from Paramount Exteriors can put your mind at ease if you are concerned about your roof.

However, some signs are evident from the outside. Find a safe spot with a good view of your roof and check for loose, missing, cracked, or damaged shingles. There are also some signs inside your home your roof might be in trouble. Check for water damage in your attic or on the walls and ceiling near your roof. If water is leaking inside your home from your roof, you might see signs of it inside.

Remember though, not all damage is visible. Call Paramount Exteriors today if you have any concerns.


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If you live in Mitchell, SD and have a roof, call Paramount Exteriors today. We are locally-owned and work hard to earn the trust of our community. We offer a free inspection of your roof. We can check for visible and hidden damage and recommend the best course of action.

At Paramount Exteriors, we also have experience working with insurance providers. You can rest assured things will go smoothly should repair involve your insurance company.

Call Paramount Exteriors today. Let us prove to you we are the best in the business and the community.

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