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Is New Roof Tax Deductible: A Comprehensive Guide

An individual wearing a hard hat stands in front of a house, holding a blueprint. The image implies construction and planning, with a mention of a tax deduction for a new roof.

New roofs can be tax-deductible if they constitute what the IRS calls a capital improvement and are commercial or rental property. In other words, the roof replacement or repair should expand its lifespan and/or increase curb appeal.  Of course, there are other reasons to upgrade. An old roof poses many dangers, from a lack of […]

How to Choose Roof Color: 7 Options to Consider

Samples of metal tiles roof in building store

Should you choose shingles in lighter colors or darker colors? The variety in roof color options is both a blessing and a curse. You get the freedom to customize your dream home, but with that comes responsibility. Learn how to enhance your curb appeal with roof colors in this guide. Contact us so that we […]

How Much Does a House Siding Cost? Associated Costs From A to Z!

Piggy bank is placed on the calculator. house and coin placed on the side. planning savings money of coins to buy a home concept for property, mortgage and real estate investment

Is your house siding starting to show signs of wear and tear? Not only does a battered-looking siding affect your curb appeal, but it can also lower your property value. That’s where replacement comes in as a wise choice. But how much does a house siding cost nowadays? Will it dent your wallet, or can […]

Tar Roofing Overview: Is a Tar Roof Right for You?

Flat roof protective covering with bitumen membrane for waterproofing

Choosing a roofing material goes beyond aesthetics or budget; it’s about safety and longevity. Once you start looking into that, you’re sure to come across tar and gravel roofs. Most people expect to see tar and gravel roofs on commercial properties, but they can also be a great fit for residential buildings. Scroll down to […]

Everything About Flat Roof Leak Repair: A Comprehensive Guide

Flat roof covering works with roofing felt

Is your living room turning into a swimming pool because of your roof? Leaky roofs are common in all households, and dealing with them can be an uphill battle. If you have a flat roof that keeps showering you with water droplets, today is your lucky day! We’ve prepared a guide about flat roof leak […]

How to Identify and Handle Wind Damage to Your Roof

Damaged house roof with missing shingles after hurricane Ian in Florida. Consequences of natural disaster

The roof is one of the most essential parts of the home, and its location at the top makes it highly susceptible to damage from outdoor elements. Wind damage to the roof is one of the most common issues you might face as a homeowner, especially if you experience a lot of high winds in […]

Flat Roof Repair: Everything From the Signs to the Steps

Flat roof covering works with roofing felt

The perks of flat roofs are numerous, but low maintenance isn’t one of them. They require frequent repairs. Otherwise, damaged patches allow water into your home, and leaks cause mold, flooding, and wood damage. With such dire consequences, flat roof repairs should always be a priority. Roofing companies like Paramount Exteriors understand your urgency. So […]

Metal Roof Repair: Potential Problems and Solutions

Roof construction concept, Roofer using air or pneumatic nail gun and installing on new roof metal sheet.

Metal roofs are known for their strength, longevity, and performance, but like all good things, they need repair from time to time. If you own a property that has a standing seam metal roof system, you’ve surely witnessed its ups and downs.  Rust, storm damage, as well as the expansion and contraction of the metal […]