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What’s Going On With My Roof?

Most of us are not experts when it comes to our roof. However, there are times you know something is not quite right. If you feel something is going on with your roof, there are a variety of common problems to consider.

If you are looking for experts in Rapid City or Sioux Falls roofing, look no further than Paramount Exteriors. We can help you answer any questions you may have. We have years of experience helping customers figure out what is going with their roof and fixing it.

Let us go over some of the common issues homeowners encounter. 


The soffits form the ceiling from the top of the exterior wall to the edge of your roof. It closes the space between the roof and siding. 

Vented soffits contain little holes for ventilation. Vented soffits help control your attic temperature. Check the soffit for large holes and cracks. 

Holes and cracks are a way for water, birds, small animals, and other pests to get inside and cause damage. 

Old red brick chimney stack on a slate roofed building, with another old roof behind it and trees in the background.


Flashings are the material covering the roof and wall joints to keep water from getting in and causing damage. Flashings help guide water off the roof. These important devices are located at roof ridges, pipes, roof valleys, around skylights and chimneys, and dormer walls. 

Flashings are utilized where a secondary structure meets the roof and where water may collect. The flashing not only redirects the water but seals the roof where water would otherwise gathers. 

Damaged flashings can be bent, dented, rusted, cracked, contain holes, or have pieces missing. 

You can fix it yourself with products from the hardware store, or you can call the roofing pros at Paramount. 


Keeping your gutters cleaned out will help keep the water off of your roof and from causing other damage to your roof. 

Are your gutters leaking? You can find gutter caulking or silicone at the hardware store. With clean, dry gutters seal the gutter along the seams both inside and outside of the gutter. Holes may be patched with roofing cement using a putty knife. 

Are the gutters hanging loose from your roof? Fixing a loose gutter may be as easy as a new fascia hanger bracket. The fascia bracket gets hooked under the lip of your gutter. The opposite side of the bracket gets screwed to the fascia. 

If you do not already have one, you may consider installing a gutter apron. It hangs in the gutter and attaches over the roof. The apron guides water off the roof and into the channel.

Also, check your flashing behind the gutter if the water is dripping behind the channel. If it is warped, you should consider replacing it.

Rows of asphalt shingles that have been worn and stained by the elements.


Are some of these coverings missing? Bare? It may be time for a replacement. 

Shingles that are missing or cracked allows water to get to the wood underneath, and become damaged over time. 


The fascia is the front board at the roofline. 

Moisture is the leading cause for your fascia to become damaged. When repairing or replacing your gutters, you will need to replace your fascia as well. 

Painting fascia boards with a wood hardener will aid in preventing these boards from rot damage. 

Roof tile with moss


This green growth on your roof can be troublesome.

Do not pressure wash moss off. Pressure washing the moss may also remove any loose roofing materials and thus leading to other damages later.

 If you want to try to remove the moss yourself l, you can find cleaning agents for roofs at the hardware store. 

How can you prevent moss from coming back? Consider removing whatever is shading your roof. Moss needs shade to grow. 


Do you hear the birds on your roof and the critters in the attic? 

They are looking for a place to nest. Birds bring a host of problems. They can carry in fleas, ticks, lice, and mites to your home. 

According to Terminix, birds may use your gutters and downspouts as a nesting place. They may also look to use soffits, and roof corners to build their nests. Chimneys are another excellent spot for nesting. 

Bird droppings are high in uric acid. Over time the acid will weaken your roofing tar, tar paper, and deteriorate shingles. 

Seal off any spots that may make a lovely home for a nest. If this does not help, you may want to contact a pro. 


You have noticed the brown and yellow stains on your ceiling and in the attic. Daylight coming through the boards in your roof is cause to be concerned and consider a roof replacement.

Does your roof leaks when it rains or snows? You have roof damage if your ceiling sags and easily bends when poked. 

Algae streaks on your roof are dark in color. 

If your roof is twenty years old or older, you may want to consider replacing your roof. 

Roof Ventilation, cooling pipes on the roof.


Proper ventilation in the attic is essential for a long-lasting roof. Different types of roof vents control the temperature differently. There are two categories of vents. Intake and Exhaust. 

  • Ridge Vent
  • Soffit Vent
  • Box Vent
  • Wind Turbine

The ridge vent is an exhaust vent that draws heat out of a heated attic.

Soffit vents are intake vents and mounted under your eaves for the roof that needs added airflow.

Box vents are mounted over a hole in your roof, letting the hot air out. They are normally mounted at the roof peak. 

The wind turbine type of vent runs on electricity. It has sensors that tell the fan when to turn on and push the air out of your attic. These vents are quiet when they run and should be checked every few months. 


Missing shingles curled edges on the shingles, or splits in them are signs of deterioration. The shingles no longer have any granules on them, tiles are cracked or missing is another sign of decay. 

Are you not a person that does heights? Call your pro to help you figure out what is going on with your roof. 

Need help determining what is going on with your roof? A free inspection from Paramount Exteriors can answer all of your roofing questions. Don’t let these common problems go too long or they will cause a big headache.

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