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What to Check for After a Storm

You’re anxious. The storm has passed, and everything seems out of place. The home and garage appear disrupted. And the overhead wires and damaged trees are everywhere. Even as you try to make sense of what’s happening, you need to collect yourself quickly.

First of all, assess the damage.

Now, you do a cursory check. It looks all okay. However, if you have to check with a professional, they might think otherwise. Often such natural calamities leave a strong after-effect which makes it hard to detect any damage with the naked eye. When in doubt regarding your safety, reach out to a professional expert to check the storm damage. Contact Paramount Exteriors for a Free Inspection today.

What to Check for After a Storm

Some storms have a more significant effect than the others. It leads to changes in your internal structure and external environment. While controlling the impact is not something you can do, you can take these steps to check for the effect once the storm passes.


1. Wind


A wind with a more significant impact can cause specific disruption in the roof. If you notice any shingles dislodged on your roof then in all likelihood it will cause minor or major leaks. Also, if you live in a place where winds are more frequent than usual, then there is a higher chance of the roof getting weak over time.

It’s hard to know the actual status of the roof unless there are missing shingles to point at the damage. Even if the roof seems intact checking with a professional for roofing in Rapid City, like Paramount Exteriors, can eliminate any safety concerns that might seep in later with subsequent wind attacks.

Hail on the roof after hailstorm

2. Hail

Unlike wind, hail damage is more prominent. Since its impact is widespread, you can observe the damage in most places.

Some ways to check for hail damage after a storm are indentations on the roof, minor dents on edges of the ceiling and circular patterns on shingles.

Your vehicle could also show noticeable damage after the hail. Most local contractors make themselves available to assess post-storm damage. Contact a reliable roofing company, like Paramount Exteriors, for an inspection after the storm.

3. Leakage

Roofing in Rapid City, and in general, protects against sunlight, snow, rain, wind, and more. Ensure you are checking for a breakdown when there is a natural calamity. Storms leave behind damage in the form of leaks outside and inside your home.

For several reasons, storms can leave behind leaks in many places at home. One of them is existing cracks in your home, which expand further. If you live in an area that floods quite often then a quick check of your electronic gadgets, power, and gas can keep your home secure from any immediate damage.

rain flows down from a roof down

4. Debris

Debris could be many things: leftover garbage, rubble, small rocks, fragmented pieces, and more. If the storm is over, then taking a look at the debris lying around is a good practice.

You could start with the garden and check around for any large debris blocking the way. Walk around and check the patio or cars parked for any significant damage.

Observe restraint when trying to monitor the roof debris on your own. If the roof has sustained significant storm impact, it might not be strong enough to carry your weight. And if there are any fallen trees or broken limbs nearby it’s safe to keep the distance before a professional comes in to check for immediate action.

5. Open Wires

A common cause of worry in most cases after a storm is open wires. It could be electric cables, electric signs, signals, detectors, or gadgets lying around. If you have casually forgotten to unplug wires at home before the storm, it could be unsafe to use it without a proper check.

Stay clear of any such places to avoid difficult circumstances. It could endanger lives and create a situation of panic for people around.

6. Structures

A significant impact of the storm is seen on structures. Either it could be your home or a garage or storage space that houses your stuff. Now if your house is relatively new and well-built, there could be little cause of worry. However, a walk around the perimeter of your home will give you a fair idea of any structural damage.

If the house is a bit old, then take the necessary steps to check for evident cracks or severe damage that goes through and through your home. As for the garage or storage space, make sure there are no leaks. Even a minor leak can damage the goods inside. Try to repair the hole if it’s small. If not, the best way to approach it is to find another space until it’s fixed.

Lightning in the cloudy storm sky over homes

Why is a Professional Storm Check Necessary

A storm disrupts normal life. It affects the surroundings and everything in its path and can often lead to structural damage. Sometimes damage is hard to sight. A professional can catch minor errors in a short time leading to prompt action.

Besides, the other benefits of a professional looking into storm damage are:

  • Right assessment of the actual problem at hand.
  • A clear idea of how it can be solved
  • No guesswork
  • Safety of your family

When it comes to safety after a storm, going into the finer details helps. Monitor your area for the damage caused by wind and hail. Look for leaks, cracks, weak structures, debris, and open wires. 

While you might be able to ascertain the necessary impact, it pays to get professional help. Paramount Exteriors is a renowned and professional company in South Dakota. Contact them now. After all, the safety of your home and people is vital.

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