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Roofing Safety Tips You Need To Know

Hey South Dakota! Looking for a roofing contractor in the Sioux Falls area? Then look no farther than Paramount Exteriors. We are locally owned and operated and, we specialize in repairing any storm damage you may face.

At Paramount Exteriors, we want you to be safe out there. One of the most dangerous projects you can undergo is roof work. 

We have compiled a list of safety tips and tricks that we believe will help you avoid injury or accident and keep you safe on your roof. 

Before you begin any project, you need to plan ahead. Know what you are doing and what you are going to need to complete the task. Follow our guidelines, and you will be on the right track to a safe and happy job site. 

Worker with hard hat falling from ladder onto concrete floor

Work Area Safety

Take a look around your job site before you even start assembling tools and materials for your project. Take note of any potential dangers. Some examples of these dangers would be power lines, unsafe roof access areas, or hazardous ground level areas. 

Mark or cover these areas, if possible, and avoid them while you are working. 

Once you are ready to begin, try to remember that cleanliness is vital. Keeping your work area, your tools, and materials neat and tidy will ensure a smoother and safer work environment. Plus, you will be able to be faster and more efficient if you are organized.

man on roof with harness

Proper attire is essential.

 We recommend that you purchase some functional work boots if you don’t already have them, before attempting to venture up on your roof. Roofs can be treacherous; set yourself up for success by adequately outfitting yourself for the job.

You should also wear breathable, moisture-wicking clothing. Wear sunscreen and a hat to protect against UV damage. 

Watch the weather.

Never work on a wet roof. The water will make the already dangerous conditions on your roof even trickier. Don’t risk it. 

You should also consider rescheduling your work in any extreme weather. Working outside in extreme heat can be just as dangerous as working during a blizzard.

If the heat index is too high, you can quickly become dehydrated and disoriented. These are two things you never want to be while precariously balancing on your roof. 

Just like rain, snow and sleet can make your roof far too dangerous to work on, so reconsider. If you are facing scary winter weather, hire a professional (Paramount Exteriors, anyone?) or wait until you have better working conditions to attempt roof work.

Construction worker climbing extension ladder to roof

Ladder Safety

One of the most dangerous aspects of roof work is your potential to injure yourself in a fall. Falls account for one of the highest injury rates in construction work. Take steps to ensure you remain out of this statistic. 

One of the main ways to avoid a fall is to practice proper ladder safety. 

  • Inspect your ladder before using it. Never climb a broken or damaged ladder.
  • Always set your ladder up on flat, even ground. You are much more likely to fall if your base is unsteady.
  • The base of your ladder should extend one foot away from your structure for every four feet of elevation.
  • Climb your ladder safely
    • Always face your ladder
    • Always keep three points of contact- one hand and two feet or two hands and one foot
    • Use one rung at a time
    • Never slide down your ladder
    • Don’t overload yourself or your ladder when carrying materials up and down
  • Always maintain at least three feet of elevation above your upper support brace (the edge of your roof or eaves).
  • On most ladders, the top rung should never be used as a step. Check your ladder’s safety guides to learn about its uses and limitations.
  • Never move your ladder when a person or any materials are on it.
  • Engage your ladders safety locks, if applicable.
  • Never exceed your ladders load bearing limit.
  • Never leave ladders unattended.

Roofer with safety harness shingling a roof with a steep pitch.

Electrical Safety

You should always be careful around electricity. Please be aware that electricity and arc or jump to a metal object several feet away. Always use a fiberglass or wooden ladder.

Avoid touching wires or electrical currents with your bare hands or a tool. Practice proper electrical safety to avoid potential injury.

Hammer Safety

Hammers are handy tools. They are an essential part of most DIY home projects. Because they are so familiar, we can easily forget how dangerous they can be.

Always wear eye protection when using your hammer. Take care to aim and always strike your nail squarely. This practice will reduce your risk of slipping and accidents. 

Before you begin swinging your hammer, inspect it. If your hammer has a cracked handle or mushroomed head, it’s time for an upgrade.

engineer wear fall arrest equipment on site background

Material Handling Safety

Second to injuries from falling, unsafe material handling leads to some of the highest injury and accident rates in construction. With the proper precautions and planning, you can avoid this common problem.

When moving materials around your job site, never try to carry more than you can handle. Always lift with your legs, not your back, and avoid jerky movements. 

Plan your project with care. Store your materials and tools close to where you will be using them. The less space you have to move them, the less chance you have of hurting yourself while working. 

If you are going to be doing a lot of roof work, consider purchasing some of the standard safety tools. You would be wise to invest in a safety harness, roof brackets, a safety net, or guardrails. If you want to cut costs, offer your neighbors the chance to come together to share the purchase. 

Home renovations and repairs can be very rewarding tasks. The knowledge of a job well done is highly satisfying. 

If you want to be satisfied in the work of a trusted professional, contact Paramount Exteriors for your free quote. We will repair your roof and give you peace of mind.

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