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What to Expect With a Roof Inspection

A healthy roof is what protects your home in the event of a storm or emergency event. It is essential to address current issues and roofing concerns, so you are not defenseless against wicked weather. 

Having a roof inspection with professionals annually can save you unnecessary pain further down the road. 

Paramount Exteriors is a locally owned business, based in Sioux Falls and Rapid City, South Dakota. Paramount Exteriors services areas throughout the state and are experts in storm damage repair. 

Our home exterior professionals will also assist with roof, gutter, siding, and window installation and repairs. 

The company knows the insurance industry well and will work closely with adjusters to address your damage repair needs. Contact Paramount Exteriors today so we can perform a proper roof inspection. 

In this article, we will explain what you can expect during a roof inspection. 

roof inspection

Inspection for Leaks and Drafts

Professionals will look for leaks and drafts during a proper roof inspection. Signs of leakage can be visible where you see actual water leaking. You might also notice the ceiling has dark streaks or nasty stains. 

Leaks cause damage to both the roof and your home’s interior from the leakage of moisture. 

Feeling drafts in the home may not be associated with your roof. However, faulty roofs can cause air circulation and ventilation problems. 

As a result, your energy bill increases, which no one likes to see. Damage may not be apparent, but professionals can often find the cause for drafts during a roof inspection and layout a repair plan. 

Looking for Storm Damage during a Roof Inspection

During an annual inspection, professionals can note the damage to roofs that you have not noticed. Storms and severe weather may cause expensive and unexpected costs. Windblown debris can cause damage to areas you are unable to see from your yard or the street. Winds can also blow off shingles from the roof, which can allow for leakage. 

Additionally, debris from severe weather can clog gutters. Keeping gutters clear of debris will increase the roof’s life as water is then able to drain correctly. Expert roof inspectors can check for any damage to gutters during the roof inspection to ensure they do not need replacement, which may save you money on roof repair, a win for all.

roof inspection

When to Schedule a Roof Inspection

Most homeowners will schedule an inspection if there is visible storm damage. However, roofs should be inspected at regular intervals regardless of if there is storm damage concern. 

Most experts recommend an annual review to ensure the roof stays in proper working condition and offers the best protection to the interior of your precious home. 

According to The National Roofing Contractors Association, the best time to get your roof inspected is in the fall, before severe winter weather occurs. Reasons for this may be obvious, but you want to fix any concerns before snow and ice piles up on the roof. 

Winter weather also may compromise new roof installation as shingles are unable to seal correctly. Attempting repairs on icy roofs are not only dangerous, but you may not be able to observe all damage accurately. 

Climbing on the roof is best left to professionals, and most will not do a roof inspection after it snows. In the winter, drafts from roofs that were not able to be repaired in the fall can be quite uncomfortable for all in the home. 

It is important to note you should always have your roof inspected after a storm. Hail, high winds, and flying debris will often cause damage to roofs. If the damage is extensive, professionals can work with insurance adjusters, so the cost of the repair is covered. 

Homeowner versus Professional Inspections

Homeowners may be able to see visible damage, such as missing shingles without climbing up onto the roof. Professionals can see the damage that is not visible to everyone during a roof inspection. It is especially important to have a professional inspect the roof if it is older than ten years old. 

Homeowners need to know that an older roof may have storm damage that has occurred over the years. Professional inspectors can work with insurance agents, so the cost of repairs are covered. Many homeowners are surprised to find out they have damage and qualify for a new roof. 

What Else to Expect During a Roof Inspection

Roof Inspectors will look for organic damage and other problems that may occur during shingle installation or repairs. A proper roof inspection is broken down into structure, materials, interiors, and craft. 

With the structural inspection, they will look for uneven roof planes and signs of sagging. Gutters and chimneys will be inspected for debris, cracks, and crumbling. Venting in the attic will also be checked for proper ventilation. 

When conducting a material inspection, professionals will look for loose, missing, or curling shingles. They will check the seals around vent pipes to identify gaps and signs of deterioration. During the interior inspection, the inspector will examine the ceiling, attic, and walls of the home for water stains, mold, rot, and signs water is leaking into the house. 

Finally, they will do a craft inspection. Professionals will examine problems in the craft that may contribute to leaks or future damage. Incorrect flashing around vent pipes, skylights, and chimneys would be concerns that can be identified and fixed. 

roof inspection

A Roofing Inspection Analysis

At the end of the roof inspection, the company will provide you with a detailed report explaining the roof’s condition. The report will reveal any damage found, a plan for repairs, and cost for material and labor. Homeowners need to schedule repairs as soon as possible before winter weather postpones necessary work. 

Scheduling an annual roof inspection is always a wise choice for homeowners. By having a roof inspection and completing repairs, you can be confident you have protection during the winter months. Paramount Exteriors will provide an expert examination and complete trusted repairs, so your home is ready for every season. 

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