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Repair or Replace Your Roof: How to Know What to Do

You know your roof needs attention, that much is obvious. However, can you simply repair your roof? Or does it need a full replacement? Knowing whether to repair or replace your roof can be challenging.

At Paramount Exteriors, we know you take pride in your home and that it is your greatest, and largest, investment. With so much money going into your home over the years, you obviously don’t want to take on unnecessary tasks.

If your roof needs attention, call Paramount Exteriors. We will come out for a free inspection and give you an honest recommendation you can trust. Plus, we will work with your insurance provider, so the process goes smoothly.

handyman using nail gun to install shingle to repair roof

When to Repair?

Even if your home is only a couple of years old, chances are your roof has already seen some damage. Calling South Dakota home means some extreme weather, both snow in the winter and heat in the summer.

It won’t take long before your roof starts showing signs of damage. It is essential to address that damage and not allow it to sit. Damage that isn’t repaired can cost exponentially more as time goes on. Water damage can be devastating.

One of the most common things that need repairing is shingle damage. Shingles get damaged in a variety of ways: wind, hail, falling debris, snow build-up, and more. Thankfully, it is also relatively simple to repair shingle damage.

The problem with only replacing damaged shingles is matching colors and style to your current roof. If your home is newer, you might still have shingles from the original installation.

If you don’t have extra shingles (most people don’t), you should be able to get relatively close to your current roof. Having slightly mismatched shingles is a small price to pay to save thousands of dollars and extend your roof’s life.

In general, repair over replacement is a great option when the damage is minimal and not widespread across the roof.

roofer construction roof maintenance rope security worker

When to Replace?

There is no doubt a new roof is an expensive endeavor. However, the importance of your roof cannot be understated.

Many times it is tempting to repair parts of the roof rather than replace the entire roof. However, saving some money now could lead to spending more in the long run.

While replacing the entire roof is more expensive than repairing it, there are certain costs you will pay either way. When you hire a company to repair or replace your roof, you will be paying for the supplies but also their equipment, time, and other fees. 

If you decide only to repair part of your roof now, you might end up having to repair another section of the roof in the next year or two. It would have been more cost-effective to replace the entire roof in the first place.

Damage and Age

When you are considering replacing or repairing your roof, the most important factors to consider are the extent of your roof’s damage and its age.

Most roofs come with a warranty. A warranty can range anywhere from ten to thirty years. It is essential to find out what your warranty is and how long you have left on it. 

If you are within the last several years of the warranty and repair is needed, it is wise to replace the entire roof.

You also need to consider the extent of the damage prior to choosing repair or replacement. A complete roof replacement might be needed if the damage is not centralized to one side or area of your roof.

Asphalt shingle room with ridge cap

Other Factors to Consider

A few other variables to consider would be the shape of the shingles that are not damaged, the climate and weather where you live, as well as the chance for future damage.

If there is a good bit of wear and tear on your shingles that are not damaged, it might be time to replace the entire roof. When shingles become worn out, it’s only a matter of time, and maybe only one more storm, before they are damaged or blown off.

If you live in an area that is prone to harsh weather (South Dakota, anyone?), consider how much longer your roof might last. Hint, it might not be as long as your warranty says. 

Finally, what are the chances your roof will be damaged again in the near future? If you have older trees or there’s a chance of falling debris near your roof, your roof could get serious damage. Also, consider trimming your trees.

Partial Replacement?

In some instances, there might be a chance to replace one side or one part of your roof. In the case where the damage is centralized, maybe from a falling tree branch, it is possible to replace one entire section or roofing.

Furthermore, because you are replacing an entire section, it is easier to match shingle color. Rather than a small section that can be noticeable, an entire side is the same.

However, it is pertinent to note that replacing a section of the roof is more expensive per square foot than replacing the entire roof. As mentioned previously, if there is a chance your entire roof will need to be replaced soon, it is wise to bite the bullet now.

hammer on roof

Contact Paramount Exteriors Today

If you know your roof will need either a partial or full replacement, or just some repair, Paramount Exteriors is here for all of your roofing needs. We are locally-owned and proud of it.

We have spent years serving South Dakota. Customer service is our highest priority, and we work hard to ensure you are satisfied with the job.

To make the process easier for our customers, we work directly with insurance adjusters. We have experience filing all of the necessary paperwork and ensuring everything is for your insurance company to process the claim.

Furthermore, we offer free inspections! We know hiring a roofing company is a huge undertaking, and you want to do your due diligence. Call us today for a free inspection so we can prove to you we are the best in the business at the best price.

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