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Elevate Your Curb Appeal With New Roofing and Gutters

Make your home or rental both eye-catching and weather-ready. Investing in your roofing and gutters protects the structure while elevating the curb appeal of your real estate.

Purchasing the topside protections afforded by roofing and gutters extends the life and beauty of your property. Durable materials can also be aesthetically appealing. Reach out to Paramount Exteriors for a free, no-obligation inspection for roof damage. 

Turn Your Eyes Up to Your Roofing

An industrial style roof and gutter system.

Stand in your front yard and take a critical look at the front of the house. 

Regardless of the style of your home, the curb appeal of real estate is reflected in how it is cared for. Giving the property a pride-of-ownership shine-up will increase its value. It’ll also make it more welcoming for you or renters.

If you notice missing or damaged shingles, be aware of not only a worn-out rundown look. Underneath, insidious and hidden damages can develop. A building’s worst enemy is water getting where it shouldn’t be.

Watch out for leaks that can enter through flashing that has rusted or been blown by the wind. This is the metal that goes around pipes, roof valleys, and chimneys. It’s an important barrier against the weather.

Paramount Exteriors offers roofing and gutter services. We can inform you whether roof repair is feasible or if a new roof is needed. “A good cleaning or, if necessary, a roof replacement will up your home’s curb appeal factor tremendously.”

Gut-check: Are the Gutters Draining Well?

A gutter inspector in a hard hat and neon work vest looking into a home's gutters.

Look below the roofline at the gutters. Wait – is that a green plant peeking up in a gutter? Such a tiny sprout may elicit a chuckle, but then it’s an eyesore to even the casual passerby.

Greenery on the ground adds attractive features, but not when it takes root in the gutter. This is possible when leaves fall into gutters and quietly decompose there. Gutter guards can prevent this influx of unwanted foliage.

Keep the gutters clear to keep the water flowing and the plants not growing. This roofing maintenance will protect your building’s integrity.

Even if there’s nothing green, do you notice signs of decay along the gutters or in the downspouts? Improperly connected or clogged gutters can cause damage to the house structure.

Update the gutters to avoid staining on the siding or, worse, damage to the foundation.

Down at ground level, you can make a lovely sight for your home exterior with well-kept and brightly planted flower beds. Green is good there if you enjoy working the earth.

Improve the curb appeal from top to bottom, from the roofing and gutters down to the ground and flowers. Even without planting gardens, you can add touches of color via potted blooms.

Don’t Wait to Ventilate

A worker installing ventilation into an attic.

Take a look at your attic ventilation. As the saying often goes: the more, the merrier. Good airflow beneath your roof extends its lifespan.

Allow as much air in as possible through intake vents under the eaves.

Let the air and heat rise to escape through exit vents in the ceiling or even sidewalls of the home. You can add attic fans to create more movement of air too.

Such hidden improvements don’t directly elevate your curb appeal, but they do help protect your investment in your fetching new roofing and gutters.

Add Curb Appeal As You Add Home Value

We’ve seen how not every home improvement can also be visually appealing. Like attic vents, furnaces and floors hide inside. They don’t boost the exterior attractiveness of your commercial or personal real estate.

Roofing and gutters are an investment that serves to protect your building while also increasing its curb appeal. The roof can be as much as 40% of the visual sum of your property. It’s a compelling element when it’s looking good.

Architectural shingles (aka laminated) are a beautiful style of asphalt shingles. They withstand wind and other weather better than traditional 3-tab shingles.

Longer lasting and visually appealing, these shingles have become more popular. They are more expensive, but homeowners often recoup that when selling. Meanwhile, they are an aesthetically pleasing feature for you while you enjoy your home.

Wood shingles (aka cedar shakes) and slate shingles are two others to consider for lifting curb appeal.

Quality Roofing and Gutters Bring In Buyers

A home with a sold sign out front.

If you’re considering selling soon, it’s perfect timing to assess and redress any concerns with your roof and drainage. This project can have a more than 100% return on the investment.

Realtors often recommend finishing a roof replacement before putting your property for sale.

Increase your home curb appeal with quality toppers. Like a fine top hat and becoming neckwear, the roof and gutters set the tone for your home’s appearance. When these attributes look sharp, they draw in potential buyers.

A new roof helps with marketing and then with getting the deal closed.

Welcome Yourself Home With Tip-top Improvements

White gutters and trim on a house with blue siding.

Are you not moving soon? Curb appeal isn’t only for the benefit of buyers. Making your home beautiful is for you, too, even if you don’t plan on selling anytime in the foreseeable future.

New roofing and gutters generate the sharp, clean lines that create curb appeal for others and for you, too.

When you arrive after work, you may not even realize why the sight of your own home feels exceptionally welcoming. From a distance, at first, your neighbors and friends won’t understand why your house feels so inviting.

Maybe it’s the shrubs, or perhaps it’s the new roofing and gutters! The frame for your house is its clean, new roofline and clean gutters.

You may choose the contemporary look of traditional gutters or something modern and whimsical like chain downspouts. Either way, new roofing, and gutters make a great first impression for visitors and a welcome sight for you.

Come home to beauty and comfort! Be assured knowing your roofing and gutters are keeping your home dry and secure.

Call us at Paramount Exteriors for a free, no-obligation inspection of your roofing and gutters. This is a win-win home improvement that is both nice-looking and functional.

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