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How to Choose Roof Color: 7 Options to Consider

Should you choose shingles in lighter colors or darker colors? The variety in roof color options is both a blessing and a curse. You get the freedom to customize your dream home, but with that comes responsibility.

Learn how to enhance your curb appeal with roof colors in this guide. Contact us so that we can help turn your ideas into a reality with our roofing services.

How to Choose Roof Color?

Choosing roof shingle colors requires knowledge about the different options and whether they suit your home’s architectural style, exterior decorating, and more. Below, we’ll cover the main colors.

1. Black Shingles

The modern house with plastic windows and a black roof of corrugated sheet.

Black is a popular roof shingle color among American homeowners, especially in the South, because it matches almost any siding color. You can pair the dark roof with beige, brown, white, weathered wood, or off-white hues.

Regardless of your architectural style, black roof shingles will work. It’s sophisticated, classic, and great for a contrasting effect. Also, it doesn’t require pigmentation like other colors, which makes it cheaper. 

Tones within this shingle color include the following:

  • Black Stable
  • Onyx Black

2. White Shingles

There’s no pure white color for shingle roofs because it’s too bright. Instead, you’ll find lighter-colored shingles of a very pale gray shade. Such a light-colored roof meshes well with light gray, white, and sky blue. 

And if you love bold and contrasting colors, pair the light-colored shingles with gray siding.

3. Gray Shingles

The roof of the house lined with gray bitumen shingles

Gray is one of the popular roof shingle colors. It emits warmth and calm while maintaining a dramatic flare, which fits rural houses. Also, if you have a historic home, such as a Queen Anne, Victorian, or Colonial house, dark gray or other traditional asphalt roof shingle colors are perfect.

As a neutral color, it works for any house color, including light-colored siding. For siding colors, choose gray for light gray, white, beige, cream, brown, and weathered wood siding. If you have light gray siding, you can even opt for a color blend of lighter and darker shades. It’s both cohesive and aesthetically pleasing.

Does your home exterior feature blue, gray, or green elements? A dark gray or light gray color is suitable. If you live in an area with natural blue light, your gray roof will have an icy gray look. As for areas with reddish natural lighting, your lighter-colored roof will reflect it. 

Gray is available in numerous shades, such as:

  • Williamsburg Gray
  • Estate Gray
  • Slatestone Gray
  • Quarry Gray
  • Pewter Gray
  • Oyster Gray
  • Charcoal Gray
  • Greenish Gray

4. Brown Shingles

A brown roof, especially with light brown hues, is a simple, earthy tone, emanating warmth. It’s beloved because of its juxtaposing effect.

You can install dark- or light-colored asphalt shingles in brown on a beige house or a dark brown house. However, they can’t be the exact same color or a similar one. Juxtaposition is critical when it comes to brown shingles, or you’ll end up with an overly monochromatic look. Another idea is to try brown with cream, weathered wood, or white siding.

Brown shingled roofs have interesting textures that amplify the wood shakes’ appearance. Darker brown colors are a good fit for houses with warm features, specifically brickwork (like red brick houses). You might even pick brown to blend with the environment if your house is surrounded by trees. 

Brown roofing shingles are available in shades like:

  • Brownwood
  • Teak
  • Driftwood
  • Sedona Canyon
  • Mission Brown

5. Red Shingles

New Red Shingles Roof with Skylights Windows and Rain Gutter.

When we refer to red as a shingle color, we don’t mean cherry red or other popping asphalt shingle colors. Instead, we mean asphalt shingles that have a reddish hint. Still, they’re bold and romantic, allowing your house to make a statement.

If you have a brown, beige, or tan house, red is a solid option for your roof shingles. It also works as a complementary color to white and gray houses.

If you truly want to stand out and have a yellow house, install a red shingle roof or lessen the effect with red color combinations. Examples of red shingle colors that fall under the reddish category include the following:

  • Brick Red
  • Rust Red
  • Patriot Red

6. Blue Shingles

Are you someone who values peace and serenity above all? Blue is the perfect color for your new roof. As an option for roofing shingles, it could work for historical homes, emulating the look of natural slate tiles (depending on your house color).

Also, blue is highly versatile, as you can pair it with numerous colors. If you have a light gray, beige, cream, light blue, brown, or white home, you can choose lighter colors or shades of blue to match it.

Unlike light-colored roofs, a dark-colored roof can give you a pop of color. Speaking of color pops, houses that have a soft lemon color will blend well with a dark blue, which will give it a French provincial

You’ll find blue shingles in several variations:

  • Pacific Wave
  • Sky Blue
  • Navy
  • Indigo Dye

7. Green Shingles

Green is a relatively modern alternative to the more traditional colors, such as black, red, and gray. You’ll find it excellent for houses in the countryside or surrounded by nature, as it parallels its shades.

Light green shingles seem gray under the right lighting. Additionally, both light and dark green variations are daring choices for your asphalt shingles that complement gray houses. Consider getting them in any of the following shades:

  • Moss Green
  • Forest Green

Final Words

If you’re embarking on a roof replacement or installation, it’s crucial to understand that your roof represents your personal taste. Of course, there are rules to consider. For your roof, when choosing its shingles color, find one that best complements your house’s style and color. When you use them to your advantage, you can boost your home’s curb appeal!

Contact our team at Paramount Exteriors, and their experience and insights will help you choose and install the perfect shingle roof.

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