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Avoid These Insurance Claim Holdups

Over the years you will of heard some misinformation about roof insurance and storm damage claims. In Rapid City, South Dakota, you won’t just find good roofers; you will learn proper roofing insurance is extremely important–especially if you wish to protect yourself from damage after storms. 

If you ever have any concerns, then you need to contact Paramount Exteriors for a free inspection. Whether you just experienced a storm or want to be prepared for the next one, Paramount wants to be your go-to roofing partner.

Keep In Mind These Insurance Claim Holdups

To begin with, you need to be scheduling a roof inspection as soon as you may think that you have any damage. You should always remember why scheduling the inspection is still important, especially after a storm. Even if your roof isn’t showing the apparent damage, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t any damage. 

Something else you may wish to keep in mind is the myth that insurance companies cancel policies or raise rates if you file a claim. This isn’t always the case; they handle thousands of claims every year. 

When a storm hits, most of your neighbors will be calling in their claims. Rates, when this happens, tend to go up regardless. Remember by not report your claim; you’ll be paying for everyone else’s repairs and not yours!

damage to roof after storm

Read Your Homeowners Insurance Policy

It’s essential to read over your entire homeowner’s insurance policy so you’re aware of what things are covered and what things aren’t. Roof damage is a common problem amongst homeowners, and you need your insurance to cover specific roof-related policies and exclusions; this is how Paramount Exteriors can help. 

Having experts deal with your roof damage will make your life a whole lot easier. Make sure you check your insurance policy for any roof-related exclusions. What should you be looking for? Here are the most common holdups:

Complete replacement

Most roof repairs are always covered, but in some instances, your insurance may not cover the full replacement. Many insurance companies tend to cover the replacement when your roof has encountered any wind damage, hail damage, or other damage caused by a storm. However, if you don’t address damage, which then potentially leads to more serious issues later, you might be denied coverage.

Remember: replacing a full roof isn’t easy. If you need a full roof replacement, don’t get amateurs to help. Several things need to be considered when you need a complete replacement, like the choice of materials to start with. Seeking professional advice is always important. 

Material restrictions

Most insurance companies don’t cover all of the materials that roofers need. Wood shake is usually a material that often gets denied because it can be costly at times to repair. You may also find that slate, stone, and tile are other materials which are also very pricey. Some insurance companies can, therefore, be more reluctant to pay for them.

Also, green roof materials can be hard for insurance companies to cover, down to insurance companies being unaware of what to expect when using them. Green roof materials have caused insurance companies a problem simply because they aren’t as trusted or established the same as other materials. 

image of house with roof damage

Roof age

It is a fact that old roofs are less likely to be covered by insurance companies. When you start looking to buy a new home, always make sure that you look around for an insurance company that fits. Insurance companies don’t want to insure old roofs at times as they are more likely to need replacements faster. 

Make sure there aren’t multiple layers of shingles, either. Remember how this is a cost-effective roofing method; some insurance companies might look at the bottom layer and take it to be the real “age” of the roof. If the roof has more than two layers of shingles, it probably will be denied coverage as well. But going with the right insurance company will help you get all that covered. 

An important thing to take away from this, it is always read your insurance policy. Many homeowners need a roof replacement at some point, so it’s wise to be aware of your roof insurance coverage.

Always Remember To Prepare Yourself For Strong Winds

One of the things many of us forget to do is prepare ourselves for storms. If you remember to make your house ready for a hurricane, then your claims won’t be as significant. Try to keep bare in mind the following and prepare yourself for strong winds, plus thunder and lightning.

  • Make sure that your gutters and drain pipes are always clean, so it allows any rainwater to flow away.
  • Check and make sure that all slates are secure.
  • Repair and replace any slates that are damaged as soon as you can. Replacing them is always necessary before any storm;
  • Make sure any gardening equipment or any other things lying around your garden is locked away safe.
  • Make sure all of your gates are locked.
  • Park any cars in a safe place in case they may be damaged by a fallen tree or from debris. If you are in need of more tips to help you prepare to get ready for a storm, try these 100 ways to make your home safer.

Many things can hold your insurance claim up, so for great roofers to get to work, try making sure you are always prepared. The biggest holdup you could have is not having the right insurance and not understanding the difference between good and harmful materials.

Tree damage after a major storm

You should always remember that you’ve simple prevention measures in place when preparing yourself for a storm. Remembering to take the above steps will also help your neighbors to occur only minor damage. Storm damage can range from only slight damage to whole buildings being uprooted and blown away. When looking for an expert to take a look at your property, contact Paramount Exteriors for a FREE inspection.

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