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Why Attic Ventilation is Essential

Whether or not you have thought about it, attic ventilation is crucial to your home. Whether you have proper ventilation, poor ventilation, or no ventilation will affect how comfortable your home is and how well it regulates temperature.

Your attic can hold hot air, even in winter months, when it is freezing outside. Whether it’s winter, spring, summer, or fall, hot air in your attic can cause a variety of problems.

There are many reasons to ensure you have good attic or roof ventilation. If you are concerned your roof isn’t up to par, call Paramount Exteriors today. We will visit your home for a free, no-obligation inspection.

Whole house air ventilation and cleaning system. Ventilation pipes in silver insulation material on the attic

What is Attic Ventilation?

Attic ventilation is a relatively simple process when you break it down. In attic ventilation, the air is allowed to flow through the attic. By allowing air to move freely and not get caught in the attic, there is less chance of overheating or moisture buildup.

There are two main methods utilized to ensure air is flowing through your attic. Either a mechanical system is installed, which requires a power source, or a natural system is enabled.

When you have natural attic ventilation, the stack effect and the wind effect work together to ensure air is circulating. The stack effect happens when hot air rises, which creates points of high pressure. When there is an inlet for cool air, warm air can escape, creating exhaust.

The wind effect happens when the wind blows against your home. This wind increases how much cold air is taken into the attic and how much it escapes.

There is no one-size-fits-all attic ventilation system. Because each home is unique, along with different codes and climates throughout the country, attic ventilation can vary widely.

Exhaust Vents and Intake Vents

The two main things needed for proper attic ventilation are exhaust vents and intake vents. Exhaust vents allow hot air to escape, and intake vents allow more cooling air to enter.

There are different types of exhaust vents used. The most common are likely ridge vents; these vents are installed where two roof planes intersect. Ridge vents are designed to blend in with your home’s exterior and should not be blatantly evident to the naked eye.

Other types of exhaust vents are roof louvers, gable louvers, wind turbines, and power attic ventilators. Each of these is easier to see because they are installed on the exterior of your roof.

Intake vents allow cool air to enter your attic and are often less noticeable than exhaust vents. These are typically installed in an eave of your roof or under shingles.

Exterior wall of suburban house, old brick chimney, attic fan exhaust vent on wall

Why You Need Attic Ventilation

One of the most important reasons you want attic ventilation in your home is that it extends your roof’s life. We all know what a significant investment a roof is and what a vital role it plays in your home. When storms come, you want to be sure your roof is up to the task.

Living in the Midwest, homeowners here are no strangers to cold winters with lots of snow. Ice dams can form wreaking havoc on your home and roof. One of the main reasons ice dams form is when the snow melts on your roof then re-freezes on the edge of your roof.

If you have inadequate attic ventilation, the air in your attic is much warmer than the air outside. This warm air in your attic can cause snow to melt on your roof faster. You might have poor attic ventilation if you have noticed lots of ice and icicles on your roof in the winter months.

However, it is not only in cold months that your home benefits from good attic ventilation. When the temperature rises outside, it also rises inside. An attic with poor ventilation can become incredibly hot.

You want a way for that hot summer air to escape your attic. A sound ventilation system will help keep your entire house cooler in the summer months.

Besides preventing ice buildup and allowing hot air to escape, proper attic ventilation can lower your energy bills. If warm air is quickly escaping your home, your air conditioner will have to be running less.

Furthermore, because hot air is allowed to escape, your home will avoid large temperature swings throughout the year. 

It might be time to check on attic ventilation if you are tired of walking upstairs to a noticeably hotter level. Even if you live in a single-story home, you might notice your feet are usually cooler than your head. Single-story homes need attic ventilation, as well.

Finally, you want to ensure your attic is well-ventilated to save on future costs. When air does not circulate, moisture can build up. With humidity comes mold and mildew. Both of these are the enemy of a healthy home.

If you have moisture building up in your attic and are unaware, mold could be growing right now. If mold is left unchecked, long term health problems are likely. Younger kids and people with lung conditions are especially susceptible to mold.

Dealing with mold is not an easy or cheap thing to do. Trust us; you do not want to have to get rid of mold from your home.

If you don’t have roofing insulation, (which also helps with many of these things) we can help with that, too.

Air Ventilation Installer Working in Attic. Air Quality Heating and Cooling System Building by Professional Technician.

Call Paramount Exteriors Today

If you are concerned you don’t have good attic ventilation, call the experts at Paramount Exteriors today. We have years of experience working with residential and commercial customers throughout South Dakota.

We would love the chance to prove to you that we are “Simply the Best.” We will come to your home for a free inspection with no strings attached. Whether you think your roof has been damaged in a storm or you just want to ensure your roof is in good condition, we are here for you.

Trust us to be your partner when it comes to the health of your roof. You won’t regret choosing Paramount Exteriors for all of your roofing needs.

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