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8 Signs You Have Hail Damage

Has a hailstorm occurred when you were away taking shelter somewhere, or poured during the night when you were in your dreamland? Either way, it’s essential to know signs of hail damage.  Contacting a roof contractor in Sioux Falls to do the roof inspection after a hailstorm, like Paramount Exteriors, can give you peace of mind.

Don’t ignore any sign of hail damage because it can result in future unnecessary costs. Imagine waking up to a leaking roof one day years down the road that all started with hail damage today.

Don’t you want to avoid that? Once you see any of the signs below, contact Paramount Exteriors for a FREE inspection of hail damage.

hail coming down in front of house

1. Cracks on Roof Shingles

Depending on the wind direction and speed, the roof shingles sustain stronger impacts from the hail, which travel at fast speeds. If the hail hit the shingles with a strong impact, it can cause a circular crack.

Sometimes, it can be small dents, which you can’t see unless you run your hand over and feel them on the surface. Once you notice there is more than one dent, it can likely be a sign of hailstorm damage.

2. Dents in Your Car

Did you park your car in a less enclosed space? It could give you signs of hail damage. After the hailstorm has stopped, go and check your vehicle for the signs.

If you notice scratches, dents, or any traces of hail, you can be certain that it’s hail damage and not anything else. This is essential when applying for compensation from your insurance company.

3. Scratches on your HVAC

Have you installed a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning unit in your house? It can help you find signs of hail damage. These systems are common in residential homes and might be installed in yours as well.

Whenever you notice unusual dents, scratches, or abrasions, mostly in the external parts of the systems, you can justify that it’s hail damage.

4. Check Out Your Neighbors

Have you seen your neighbor repairing his or her roof or complaining of how devastating the storm was? Your roof is not safe either. A hailstorm can’t spare one house once it hits the area. The magnitude of damage varies, though.

It is wise to check your house for signs of hail damage. If the hail was smaller in size, the damage might not be noticeable and takes trained eyes to spot the damage.

The problem of ignoring the small damages is they will be costly in the future. You need a roof contractor in Sioux Falls, like Paramount Exteriors, to inspect your house and advise you on what to do.

dent caused by hail circled on the roof

5. Dents on the Roof

Have you ever been on top of a roof? It’s often a daunting task. If you’re green in this act, be careful because you might fall and injure yourself. 

You need a ladder to get to the roof. Lean it against the wall and ensure it’s sturdy. Climb carefully without missing any steps. Once you are safely on top of the roof, look for signs of hail damage.

The ridge caps of the roof are more likely to receive most hail damage since it’s flat. Check for any signs of dents. If the wind was strong enough to increase the impact of the hail, it could cause larger dents that you can quickly notice.

You need to inspect the roof after the hailstorm has completely stopped.

6. The Gutter System is Blocked

You will agree that when a devastating hail storm hits your area, it doesn’t spare much. Not even your gutters, which collect water on the roof. Did you see dents on the gutters? It might be because of the hail that the strong wind hurled on it.

Also, sometimes, the pieces of hail, wood chips if your roof is made of cedar shake, or other debris collect in your gutter system and block it. Look for dents on the downspout as well to ascertain the damage.

Once the hail blocks the gutter system, the water flow might overflow to the walls or veranda; this can tarnish the paint on the walls and cause more serious damage if left untreated.

7. Dents on Your Windows

Another sign that you have hail damage are the dents on your windows. Your windows were clean and free of scratches just before the storm, right? Have you peeked through your window and noticed dents and scratches? It’s because of the impact of the hail.

Not all windows will suffer the same magnitude of damage. It will depend on the direction of the wind and the size of the hail. It will also depend on the barriers such as trees or any tall structure that can reduce the impact of the hailstone and hence less damage.

8. Bald and Soft Spots on the Roof

Old roofing systems aren’t as sturdy as newer roofs. Strong winds can cause small spots of your shingles to come off. Did you check your roof and found out some shingles are missing? That’s also a strong sign of hail damage.

An intense hailstorm can tear parts of your roof and cause bald spots. Did you note some signs of damp spots on the roof? That’s also a sign of hail damage. 

Hail on roof after hailstorm

What to do when you notice any of the signs above

You might be thinking, “How can a short hailstorm of less than 20 minutes damage my roof?” People are often surprised how much damage comes from a brief storm. Ignoring the damage now can lead to more costs and a bigger headache for you down the road.

Once the hails expose the roof granules, the rest of the roof isn’t safe. Rain will continually expose the asphalt, causing faster deterioration. Results will be a decrease in home value and roof replacement.

The best thing to do when you notice any signs of hail damage above is to contact a roof contractor in Sioux Falls to carry out a roof inspection. We are your go-to company to rely on whenever you experience hail damage.

We can help you a great deal on the roofing process. Contact Paramount Exterior for a FREE inspection.

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