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6 Things To Do To Protect Your Roof This Fall

With another season fast approaching so are those to-do lists. It seems that as the weather changes, you find more and more things that need your attention around the house. Finding roofers in Sioux Falls, SD might be on your “honey-do list.”

Paramount Exteriors is your local exterior expert. We offer free inspections to make sure your roof is stable and in the best condition. By ensuring you check a few things, you could save yourself money and headaches down the road. Check out our list of things every homeowner should do to make sure your roof is ready for the fall.

1. Visual Inspection 

Walk around the house, inspecting the roof for damage. Regularly checking your roof will allow you to spot changes. 

  • Look for missing shingles that may have blown away in the last storm. Spots with missing, bald, or curled shingles can leave the roof weak and vulnerable to leaks and water damage.
  • Check for curling shingles on the edges. Curled edges is a sign that the life of the shingle has expired. 
  • Check shingles and caulking around the chimney, pipes, and skylights. Caulking may peel due to weather and sun damage.
  • Check for rust on flashings.
  • Dark patches and lines may indicate damage.
  • Check for signs of animals living on your roof. You will want to remove small animals or other pests as soon as possible. They take the materials of your roof to make a home for themselves. The missing pieces can lead to leaks in wet weather. 

Roof of a new house.

2. Trim Trees 

Overgrown trees can cause roof damage through high winds and storms. Branches hanging over your roof can damage shingles. When the wind blows the branches rub against the asphalt and shingles. 

The leaves and smaller twigs will collect in your gutters. Any moisture along with the leaves in your gutters can result in mold. The missing shingles will result in leaks. Limbs hanging over the roof in a storm can break off and land on the roof, causing damage.

How To Cut A Tree Limb/Branch 

  • Approximately three feet from the trunk, cut a notch into the limb.
  • Make a relief notch by cutting completely through the limb. This cut should be outside the first notch. 
  • Make your final cut where the branch/limb meets the smoother bark. 

3. Remove Debris 

Make sure your ladder is on flat, stable ground before climbing. Remove any leaves, twigs, broken branches, and moss that may have collected on your roof. 

Debris piled on the roof can hold moisture on the roof. This moisture can result in moss, algae, mold, and mildew. These things can develop into roof rot, and cause leaks plus the need for repair. Roof rot is the breakdown of the shingles, underlayment, and other components of the roof due to water damage. 

Do not pressure wash your roof. The pressure and water can further damage the roof, possibly removing loose or any other damaged pieces. Using a broom or other soft brush, remove any items from your roof.

A close up of a rain gutter filled with fall leaves

4. Check The Attic 

Look for streaks or stains caused by water damage. These stains and stripes will be brown. Do you see new stains or streaks on your ceiling or walls? These stains are an indication that you have a damaged roof. Be aware that dark or black spots may be mold and will need additional attention.

Check your insulation in the attic. Missing or ripped insulation may be due to an animal in the space. Missing or damp insulation could be due to a leaky roof. Replace any missing or damaged insulation. Once you have repaired the roof on the outside, then you can fix the inside damage/stains. 

To prevent ice dams in the colder weather, keep your attic and roof cold. Improving ventilation in the attic will help to keep it cooler, allowing the heat to escape. Ice dams are formed from melted snow. 

The warm air underneath (in the attic), melts the snow, the water runs down the roof to refreeze on the cooler part of the roof, usually at the eaves. The water can accumulate under the shingles, soaking the underlayment down into the insulation of the attic. 

Repairing Stains

  • Clean the stain with a solution of bleach and water.
  • Let it dry.
  • Paint over area


  • Replace stained/damaged drywall or ceiling tile with new pieces.

5. Clean Gutters 

  • Do not use a hose to clear out the gutters. You can cause debris to go into the downspouts and clog them. 
  • With a gloved hand, remove pine needles, sticks, and leaves. Any gooey residue from your shingles in the gutters needs to be removed as well.
  • After removing the debris, use a hose to rinse any existing residue.
  • Carefully put a hose into your downspout, turn the water on high, and flush out the downspout.
  • Be sure the downspouts direct water away from the house—at least five feet away from the house, or further.
  • Fix or replace any broken gutters and downspouts.
  • Install gutter guards. They are the small cups that cover most of your gutter system while allowing water to flow through.

Keeping the gutters and downspouts clean will aid in preventing ice dams on your roof this winter. The water from the melted snow will be able to flow easily instead of building up as ice on your roof and in your gutters. 

6. Seal The Roof

Sealant on a flat roof is a must as it collects water. A sealant on a sloped roof prolongs the life of an aging roof and helps prevent leaks. 

A protective coating–elastomeric–may be added to seal your roof. Elastomeric coating is a flexible, rubber coating that resists peeling and cracking. It also reflects the harmful UV rays of the sun. Elastomeric is an affordable solution for roof leaks and works with most roofs. 

red tile roof blue sky,vintage filter

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