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5 Reasons to Hire a Roofing Company with Insurance Experience

When the worst happens, call Paramount Exteriors. 

We understand disaster. When extreme weather, fire, downed trees, and other acts of nature wallop your roof, you need an absolute professional on your side. We have experience navigating roofing insurance policies of all types.

Yes, of course, we’re in business to repair and replace roofs, and, full disclosure, we stand to increase our bottom line when disaster strikes. Any roofing business can choose to take advantage of a customer in their worst, most vulnerable moments.  

Paramount Exteriors is not that company. Our goal is to create solid relationships with our customers in good times and in bad. You can trust us to deliver our best products and services to you in the best of times. We want you to know we’ll also partner with you with integrity in a home damage emergency.

Do you have storm damage? Are you trying to navigate your roofing insurance claim?  Call Paramount Exteriors and let us help get you through the red tape and back to peace in your home.

Hiring a roofing company like Paramount Exteriors is imperative when dealing with an insurance claim.  In the following article, we’ll outline five best practices to consider when putting your home back together after an unsettling event.

1. Check your policy

Regardless of whether you’re dealing with a roof repair project this minute, get your home insurance policy and give it a thorough going-over. We’re serious. 

The more you understand your policy, the quicker you’ll be able to get back to normal when you find yourself submitting a damage claim.

Some policies take into account the age of your roof when assessing your claim. If your roof was 10 or more years old or compromised before the damage occurred, that could affect the amount your carrier will payout for repairs or replacement. 

Typically, your insurance company will send an inspector to clear up these details once you inform them of the damage.

The surprise of a roof emergency is enough for most homeowners to endure. Any additional surprises in your insurance policy are best uncovered and addressed when your home is fully intact. Your policy is easier to update when there’s no urgency for roof repair or replacement.

You should be familiar with your deductible information as well as where to find your contact information to report a claim. Find out exactly what sort of reimbursement you’re allowed before disaster strikes, as well as how your insurance company determines when to make repairs versus replacement.

Any knowledge you can gain while the sun is shining will feel helpful when the next big storm rolls into town.

If the worst has already happened and you’re looking up from your living room and seeing the sky, call Paramount Exteriors immediately.  Our trained insurance specialists work with your insurance company to begin emergency repairs and get your head covered.  

We’ll help you decode your policy and begin your claim with ease.

Woman Collecting Water In Blue Bucket From Damaged Ceiling While Repairman Taking Photograph On Mobilephone

2. Take pictures, make notes.

Even though it may seem counterintuitive to stop and grab your camera in the middle of a storm, it could be your best friend after the clouds clear.  Insurance companies require extensive documentation throughout the claims process. That documentation begins with damage. 

If you forget to grab your phone or camera while your roof caves in under a falling tree, we completely understand.  That’s why at Paramount Exteriors, we assist with your documentation process, beginning with getting all the damage evidence when we arrive at your home. 

After you’ve let your loved ones know you’re okay, your first call should be to Paramount Exteriors. We can provide extensive proof that your roof was damaged, the extent of the damage, and our best recommendations for short and long-term repairs. This process is often our first step in helping you navigate your claim.

3. With experience comes peace of mind

Once we get to your home site, document the situation, and provide an estimate, you can relax. Because of our extensive insurance claim experience, all you have to do is watch your new roof take shape.

We are well-versed in finding the best products at the best price–something your insurance company will demand.

House model with real estate agent and customer discussing for contract to buy house, insurance or loan real estate background.

4. Act fast to prevent further home damage

At Paramount Exteriors, we know that time is of the essence with an emergency roof repair. Insurance companies want to get your structure repaired expediently and at a great value. 

Residual damage like mold, personal property loss, and other headaches can occur with roof damage. The sooner you get your home repaired, the happier you and your insurance company will be in the long run.

We’ll navigate every step of the process with you and keep you informed of the progress of your claim. Our goal is to make the repair and claim process a seamless and mild bump in the road of homeownership.

5. Paperwork and more paperwork

Every insurance claim is unique. Further, you are an individual, and everyone deals with property damage in their own way. However, because the team at Paramount Exteriors has such extensive insurance claim experience, there’s not a lot we haven’t seen.

You can rely on us to be your calm and confident partner throughout the course of your claim and repair.  Navigating property damage can be understandably hard for you as the homeowner. We’re used to these events, and we know the pathway back to a whole home very well.

We are committed to working with your insurance provider at every paperwork submission to help you move beyond the paper and underneath your new or repaired roof.

The roof of the house is very beautiful

Paramount Exteriors: The only partner you need for your insurance claim and repair.

Allow the experts at Paramount Exteriors to guide you through your insurance claim process.  Our experience and strong insurance claim history speak for themselves. We are the calm after the storm. 

You can count on us when your roof gets turned upside down. Call us today, and we’ll be onsite ASAP for a free estimate.  The road to home recovery is a well-traveled one for our expert claims and repair team.

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